BetOnline Sportsbook Review + Is BetOnline Legal In...

BetOnline is legal, but why? Isn't sports betting in the United States banned? Well, yes and no. Sports betting in the U.S. has a long history with ambiguity and what is allowed. It's only been exacerbated by the introduction of many online sportsbooks like BetOnline. You see, the reason that BetOnline is a legal gambling option for players, is because it is not set in the U.S. That's it. By not operating in the United States, they are free from U.S. jurisdiction with the laws concerning sports betting.

The second part to this legal equation has to do with what the laws in place actually say. The laws ban the way transactions are made for bets and wagers, not placing the bet. So, what we have are American players not breaking the law by placing an online wager, combined with an offshore sportsbook like BetOnline not in violation of U.S. law. That's a winning combination.

Is BetOnline Legit?

We've established the fact that BetOnline is legal, but what about the legitimacy of the site? Any online sportsbook in operation outside of the U.S. can choose to allow American bettors, but their legitimacy doesn't necessarily have to be proven. Legit sportsbooks earn their reputation, it's not given. BetOnline is in the category of sportsbooks that have earned their reputation and is one that bettors can be sure that they are well taken care of.

Is BetOnline Sportsbook Safe?

We've had nothing but good things to say about BetOnline Sportsbook so far, so you can probably imagine that when we talk about safety, the theme will continue. That would be correct. But there is merit behind it, because BetOnline is very safe. Right on the homepage at the bottom is detailed information how the security in place at the site keeps players safe. Stating that transactions and accounts are all encrypted to prevent breaches, BetOnline assures the safety of their community.

Where Is BetOnline Legal?

From the perspective of the American bettor, it's pretty easy to figure out where BetOnline is legal to play. All 50 states are accepted and legally allowed to play at this legal sports gambling website per the rules on the site. BetOnline caters to other international players as well, as evidence by deposit methods that apply only to international players not available to U.S. players.

Is BetOnline Legal In California?

Whether BetOnline is legal for California residents or not, the fact remains that they will not get into any trouble. Any sports betting laws in California are aimed are deterring businesses from opening online sports gambling sites + taking bets... not those living in the state that put a few bucks down on the weekend's games. With this site being very discreet, anyone in the US, California included, can bet without fear of going to jail or penalties.

Is BetOnline Legal In New York?

Step aside Bovada Sportsbook, if you won't accept New York players, then BetOnline will move in and take them off of your hands. BetOnline says that if you live in New York and are of age to bet legally, you are more than welcome to sign up with them and deposit to play at their sportsbook.

Is BetOnline Legal In Texas?

Visit the homepage at BetOnline, create your account, select that you are from Texas and bam! Your account is now created. And the best part about being a Texas sports gambler signed in with BetOnline is that it's not illegal to do. You do not violate the UIGEA or The Wire Act by signing up to bet on sports with this sportsbook.

Is BetOnline Legal In Florida?

Florida bettors can create a legal account at BetOnline and hope that they get as hot in their bets as it is in the state during the summer. If they are able to do that, some serious return on investment can be expected. At the very least, Floridians can enjoy legal online sports betting at BetOnline with a free account.

Is BetOnline Legal In Illinois?

You bet. Players in the state will have quite a few online sportsbooks to pick from, but BetOnline should definitely be considered as one to check out. The full spectrum of betting lines at the sportsbook will be available to wager for those players who opt to fund their account and get things rolling.

More About BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline offers players everything you would like in an online sportsbook, and this is not overstating the fact. It's merely being accurate. Visit the site and you will see what we are talking about. It's legal for U.S. players, it's very user-friendly, and there are plenty of funding methods, tons of betting lines, fast payouts, and solid customer service.

We are no math majors but that appears to be going 100 percent on the batting average. And if you do decide to join BetOnline, there will be plenty of baseball betting lines relating to hitting with the variety of prop odds.

Mobile Sports Betting At BetOnline

BetOnline users do not need to be in front of a computer to place a wager with this sportsbook. In fact, they don't even have to sign up through a computer. With BetOnline's mobile website, current and prospective account holders are able to do everything on-the-go. This is certainly convenient for those who might not be in front of a computer at home to place a bet. That is no longer an issue, with your mobile device able to accommodate and ensure that no betting line is outside of your grasp to wager because of time constraints.