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Few sports are more viscerally exciting than the high-flying, death-defying spectacles on the schedule every four years at the Winter Olympics, and anticipation for all the action is starting to heat up, with the 2018 PyeongChang edition right around the corner. Approximately 1-in-8 Americans and millions of people around the world are expected to wager – and hopefully win – billions of dollars on the 23rd Winter Games, leaving many astute US bettors looking for legal online Olympic betting options. Fortunately, we can report that this is not only possible for American players but easier and more fun than ever before thanks to the wide variety of gambling opportunities afforded by the leading legal offshore sportsbook sites. Read on to find out how to enjoy legal online Olympic betting – the odds have never been better and the payouts have never been bigger for sharp players and newcomers to this fast-paced hobby alike.

Can Americans Bet On The Olympics Outside Of Nevada?

Jumping right into the legal online sportsbooks that specialize in NFL wagering, you will find a few of the top-rated sportsbooks that have a ton of great betting lines dedicated specifically to the NFL. There are some fantastic NFL sections, with each sportsbook offering their unique options and competitive betting odds.

One of the first questions asked by US sports gamblers not familiar with the possibilities of legal online Olympic betting is “can Americans bet on the Olympics outside of Nevada?” That’s a fair question, as the Las Vegas strip is one of the few places in the country where sports betting of any sort isn’t explicitly forbidden by overreaching federal and intrusive state gambling laws. However, legal offshore sportsbook sites, being hosted in and licensed by foreign countries with a more betting-friendly stance offer the chance for American bettors to get in on all the Olympic wagering action without taking the chance of running into trouble with their nosy Uncle Sam. Rest assured that you won’t be breaking the law if you use a reputable offshore sports betting site like any of the ones we recommend for US players.

Can Americans Bet On The Olympics Outside Of Nevada?

Olympic BettingWhen it comes to picking between the best USA online Olympic sportsbooks, your choices are pretty clear: no other operators in this hotly contested segment offer the kind of legal online Olympic betting odds as Bovada, BetDSI, BetOnline, SportsBetting or 5Dimes. These sites combine 100 percent legality with a fantastic assortment of odds on every sport at the PyeongChang Winter Games from the ski jump to figure skating to curling and unbeatable promotional offers that make betting as easy and convenient as it possible can be. We’ll go into some greater detail of a couple of our favorites below, so read on to find out more.

Bovada Sportsbook

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Betting sites don’t get any slicker or easier to use than Bovada, and it’s clear the developers’ spent their investments of time and money on making sure their sportsbook’s layout is as user-friendly as possible. That Bovada is fun to use on top of that – not to mention that the Latvia-based site’s bookies are regarded as some of the fastest to post new legal online Olympic betting odds – just a bonus. Speaking of bonuses, Bovada also offers cash matches worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending on what deposit method you use to bankroll your account, though we recommend Bitcoin for its high maximum limits and fast transaction turnarounds.

BetDSI Sportsbook

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BetDSI may not be the most established player in the ultra-competitive legal online sports betting segment, but this Euro-flavored USA sportsbooks site has all the legal online Olympic betting options even the most hardcore bettor could hope for. Especially prominent at BetDSI are the vast assortment of Olympic prop bets on such things as the number of total medals won by various countries and even the color of a given athlete’s skis. If you’re looking to win big and have a great time watching the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, BetDSI needs to be on your list of sportsbooks to try.

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