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Those of you who do not live in Nevada or one of the handful of states that have legalized local sports betting since the overturn of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA, 1992-2018) will be faced with a greater challenge when it comes to finding a place for legal basketball betting. You will notice that you will most likely not be able to find a legal NBA betting spot in or around your town. So what is a hoops betting fan supposed to do the next time they want to bet on the LA Lakers or Boston Celtics and cannot find a land-based sportsbook? Why, go online, of course!

The Internet is overflowing with legal sports betting sites that accept players from every state in the US. These websites are as safe as houses, and millions of people place bets at these online NBA betting and gambling sites on a regular basis. Each of the sites listed on this page is licensed, monitored, and regulated by gaming commissions in order to make sure that all operations are legit, fair, and transparent.

This page will give you all the most important information on legal NBA basketball betting online and will answer the all-important question, “Is it legal to bet on the NBA?” In addition, we will go over some of the most important laws that relate to sports betting in the US. We will also go over some of the basic wager types and game lines you will find at legal NBA sports betting sites, as well as provide some helpful tips to all the novices out there. In addition to this basic information, you will find reviews of the online sportsbooks that we believe are the best of the best when it comes to legal NBA betting online!

Is It Legal To Bet On The NBA?

Yes, it is legal to bet on the NBA online. You just have to be certain that you are patronizing a sportsbook that is based outside of United States borders. Otherwise, your deposits and winnings could be subject to confiscation by the US federal government or your state government. While you personally would not be subject to any legal action, the point of gambling is to win money, not give it all to the state. Ergo, you’ll definitely want to stick with one or more highly-rated offshore sportsbooks for all your sports wagering needs. Because the books we recommend are based outside of the US, and are out of the jurisdiction of American law, your money and your wagers are safe with these sites.

Will I Get In Trouble For Betting On The NBA?

No, it is extremely unlikely that you will ever get in any sort of legal trouble for online NBA betting. This is because you are not actually breaking any laws simply by betting. There is no US law that says that a person cannot bet on sports; instead, all these laws just make it so sportsbooks cannot operate within the United States unless they are physically inside a state that has legal sports betting.

However, most states still do not offer legal sports betting products or services within their borders, so for maximum convenience, online offshore sportsbooks are your best bet, and you will not get in any trouble for joining one of these sites. As a matter of fact, we have even looked to see if anyone has ever been arrested for betting at an online sportsbook, and we could not find one single documented case of that ever happening.

Legal NBA Betting WebSites

As we briefly mentioned earlier, there are tons of web-based options available to those who want to bet online. These legal online sportbooks are terrific alternatives to traveling to Vegas or Biloxi or Atlantic City to go to a land-based sportsbook. They are legal, safe, and legit, and they have the very best in odds and wager types, bonuses, and member rewards. You can be sure that any of these online sportsbooks will be well worth your while.

Bovada Sportsbook

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Bovada is one of the top online sportsbooks on the planet, featuring the absolute best in NBA odds and wager types, bonuses, and more. Bovada has been flourishing for over two decades at this point, and it only gets better and better as Internet sports betting continues to increase in popularity. The site is fun, convenient, and user-friendly. It is also one of the most trusted and trustworthy sportsbooks on the web. Bovada operates out of the Kahnawake region of the Mohawk Territory of Quebec and is also the proud recipient of the Kahnawake Certificate of Good Standing, which is awarded to only the finest online gaming sites.

You will never have to worry about any safety or legal concerns when you join Bovada, because they follow the law to the Nth degree. Bovada is based in Canada, where laws like the Wire Act and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) have no real effect. Bovada allows residents of most states to join free of charge as long as they are 18 years of age or older, and new members can get a $250 Sports Welcome Bonus with the lowest rollover rate in the industry at just 5X!

You can rest easy knowing that Bovada is one of the safest online sportsbooks out there, featuring security protocols like encryption and firewalls to prevent unauthorized users from accessing important information. So don’t waste any more time. Join Bovada, a safe and legal online sportsbook for the discerning bettor. (Note: Bovada currently does not accept new members from DE, MD, NJ, NV, or NY.)

BetOnline Sportsbook

BONUS: 50% up to $1,000
Accepts Players From ALL 50 States

When NBA sports betting fans talk about their favorite online sportsbooks, one name always comes up over and over again: BetOnline. For more than 25 great years, BetOnline has been at the very head of the class. Today, it continues to be one of the go-to sites for legal NBA sports betting, featuring an array of great wager and odds types, deposit and payout methods, bonuses and promos, awesome customer service, and handy members-only features such as mobile and live betting. BetOnline is safe and legal, and the service is fully licensed and legit.

BetOnline provides many great legal options for players to deposit and withdraw funds from their sportsbook account. BetOnline’s cashier features everything from credit and debit cards to good old-fashioned paper checks, as well as modern services like Bitcoin (and altcoins like Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and DASH), in which all money transfers are done electronically with no banks to process payments. No matter what you are looking for in terms of minimums, maximums, speeds, and fees, BetOnline has something just for you. To see a list of every legal deposit and payout method available at BetOnline, visit the site’s online cashier today!

BetOnline accepts members from all 50 states, and new users who sign up now can take advantage of several excellent promos, including BetOnline’s valuable Welcome Bonus that will match your first deposit by 50 percent – all the way up to $1000!

SportsBetting Sportsbook

BONUS: 50% up to $1,000
The Most Funding Options For All NBA Fans

Attention, NBA fans: Go where all the best action is and check out SportsBetting for a hands-on, fully interactive sports betting experience! It doesn’t matter if you have never bet on basketball in your entire life or if NBA betting is your religion, because SportsBetting has something for everyone!

New members can start with basic straight moneyline wagers, and even get a 50% welcome bonus on their first deposit that will pad their bankroll with up to $1000 in free plays! More experienced bettors can make all sorts of complex combination bets and exotic wagers at SportsBetting, and every member can also score a 25% bonus match with every SportsBetting account reload. SportsBetting accepts members from all 50 US states, as well, and there is never any geo-fencing attached to the site’s services, so you can bet on anything – from anywhere!

Even better, NBA betting fans of all levels of experience will be overjoyed by the sheer amount of options that are available at this legal NBA betting site. SportsBetting takes everything that is great about Las Vegas-style sports betting and piles on loads of great special features, including mobile betting, live in-game play, and bonuses galore. And since SportsBetting is based out of the Republic of Panama, there is no need to worry about getting in any sort of legal trouble. SportsBetting is a legit, licensed, and fully-regulated overseas online sportsbook that puts legality and integrity at the very top of the priority list.

5Dimes Sportsbook

BONUS: 50% up to $520
Buy Points To Create Your Own Alternate Lines

NBA betting enthusiasts who want 24-hour access to the most thrilling sports betting action will go crazy for 5Dimes, one of the most varied and diverse online betting sites in the world. Whatever it is you are looking for, be it a variety of odds and wager types, funding methods, or lucrative bonuses and promotions, 5Dimes has you covered. Legally operating out of San Jose, Costa Rica, since 1996, 5Dimes has been numero uno in the game for more than two decades. All US residents who are at least 18 years old can legally join this great sportsbook.

Perhaps the most obvious way that 5Dimes differentiates itself from the crowd is in their alternate lines. At 5Dimes, no matter what the event you’re betting on, you can buy points to shift the spreads and their moneylines in your favor. While other sites sometimes offer this service, 5Dimes is the only world-class sportsbook that puts the feature front and center!

As both an incentive for new players and a reward for loyal members, all 5Dimes account holders will be offered the one-of-a-kind Reduced Juice bonus, which saves players 50% on the juice, or interest, paid on all bets. What this means is that instead of paying the usual ten percent juice (i.e. -110), you will only have to pay five percent (or -105) on most wagers. Over time, Reduced Juice will save you a pretty penny. Another great thing about Reduced Juice is that rollovers do not apply, so you can start saving immediately. 5Dimes is the only online sportsbook that offers this amazing membership perk, so sign up today and start saving on all your NBA bets!

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Legal NBA Betting Deposit Methods

There are a number of legal NBA betting deposit methods to choose from when you sign up with one or more top online sportsbooks. The most popular of these, of course, is plastic, and all sites accept Visa and Mastercard (while Bovada and SportsBetting also accept American Express). These types of NBA deposits are virtually instantaneous, but they typically carry lower max limits.

If you want to deposit a large amount of money quickly, all the top offshore sportsbooks support Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and these transfer in mere minutes. For old-timers, of course, all the best sites also accept cashier’s checks, money orders, and bank wire transfers, though each of these avenues tends to take several days (up to two weeks) to process and show up in your NBA betting account.

Fastest NBA Payout Options

The fastest NBA payout options available at legal offshore betting sites are unquestionably cryptocurrencies. If you want your winnings ASAP, you will need to get them via Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, or another supported altcoin (which varies by site). These transfers only take a few hours at most, which means you can have your money the same day you request it from your site’s cashier service.

If you don’t wish to use cryptocurrencies, you can request to be paid out via courier check, money order, or bank wire. However, these methods take much longer for your money to show up stateside (up to two weeks), so only use these routes if you can afford to wait a while. Of additional consideration with these methods are the associated fees, which can be substantial, so you’ll want to factor all that in before selecting your preferred payout option(s).

Mobile NBA Betting

Mobile NBA betting is the wave of the future, obviously. Everyone expects to be able to do pretty much anything on their iPhones, iPads, and Androids, and basketball wagering is no different. Fortunately, all the best online offshore sportsbooks support mobile betting – just visit your favorite site from your mobile browser, and you’ll be redirected to a customized, small-screen, fully comprehensive wagering experience. Best of all, mobile betting is completely browser-based, meaning there are no apps to download and no extra hoops to jump through to get to your favorite hoops action. Everything you can do on your desktop, you can do from your smartphone or tablet with mobile NBA betting at the best online sportsbooks!

In-Game NBA Betting

In-game NBA betting is the newest way to wager on all the hottest basketball action. With traditional betting, you have to get all your bets in before a given game starts, but not so with in-game betting. Also called live betting, in-game NBA betting allows you to wager on dynamically-changing moneylines, spreads, and props in real-time as the game is being played. For the best live NBA betting experience, of course, you’ll need a live Internet connection and your favorite sports betting site handy. Whichever service you go with, the live betting portal will automatically refresh every time new bets are posted and old bets expire, so keep your eyes on the prize, and the moment you see a line you like, take the shot! In-game NBA betting is compatible with all modern mobile platforms, too, so you can bet on live lines from anywhere in the US!

Ready To Get Started? Here's How You Do It!

After you make the decision that you would like to try and bet on the NBA, there really isn't much more to it other than selecting a sportsbook. The process to sign up for a new account will require a bit of information but it won't take but a couple of minutes to complete. Depositing is important, so make sure you know the funding methods offered on site and which ones are good for you to use. Sportsbooks will list all of their available deposit options in their banking section.

NBA Basketball Wager Types - Ways To Bet On NBA Games

The NBA can have a ton of different bets for just a single game. Betting lines can cover a myriad of different angles even for a regular season matchup. Things can be more extensive during the playoffs and through the NBA Finals, but you can be sure that the league is very well covered in terms of what you can do with wagering.

Straight Wagering - All kinds of straight bets can be made on the NBA. Simply placing a bet on the point spread is a type of a straight bet. It's a wager made that will give one outcome from one bet placed, where only that outcome is dependent upon the bet winning or losing. Any other type of betting line such as a future bet to win the NBA championship can also be classified as a straight bet.

Parlays - You can mix things up with NBA betting with a parlay. Think of a parlay as several straight wagers made as one in that each of those straight bets need to win so that the parlay can win. If a bettor does a five-team parlay that would be five individual bets linked together where all of them need to win for the parlay to win. Parlays are appealing because of some high payouts.

Pleasers - The NBA is a sport that can have pleasers, but it's not always the case. It will depend on the sportsbook. A pleaser will take a betting line installed by oddsmakers and push it away from the side that the bettor is looking at. This increases the margin of profit for the bettor, but the statistical chance of winning goes down. The only reason to do this would be because of a good payday.

Teasers - Bringing the betting line closer to the bettor is the way to think of a teaser. A low margin of profit is another way to think of a teaser, which is why it's not very commonly done. The winning margin is low, which means a higher-risked wager will need to be made for a potentially low reward.

Other Ways To Bet - With so many games during the week when the regular season is in full swing, there is a ton of action to get in one for betting on the NBA. Sportsbooks will have the full list of what wager types are available for basketball and the NBA. Some sportsbook might even explain the exact ways to bet a certain wager, using examples of payouts and how much can be won by doing it.

NBA Wager Lines + Betting Odds Online

The actual betting odds for wagering on the NBA cover a wide range of different things. All angles of the game are covered. There are several different betting lines that are formed for NBA games, as well as for the entire season.

NBA Game Lines - For example in game lines, the point spread is established, along with the moneyline and over/under point total for the game. All three of these components to a game line are a staple for NBA betting. Bettors can be confident that each of the matchups will have all three of these no matter which NBA game it is.

NBA Prop Odds - It continues to spill over into team prop odds and player prop odds for games and for the season as well. Prop odds can be unique to the sportsbook as well, with some having props others don't. This is where looking at different sportsbooks can be advantageous to bettors. Props can have differing payouts as well, though within a game scenario they are generally right around even money.

NBA Futures - Betting on the NBA championship odds and betting lines to win conference titles are the most common wagers made on the NBA. Known as futures, these betting odds are usually available for wagering the entire year and even into the offseason. This type of wager is extremely popular amongst fans of particular teams and those who like to win a lot when risking very little.

NBA Betting Tips + Strategies

There are plenty of different angles that bettors can take when choosing which wagers to lay down on the NBA. We've put together a few NBA betting tips for you to read about below. Whether you choose to use them or not, it's always a good idea to research and expand the thought processes of making a bet at a legal sports betting site.

1. A Sucker + His Money Are Soon Parted... Do Your Homework

You don't want to go throwing darts at a board or guessing on a wager blind. Certainly gut feelings have a lot to do with betting, but you want to expand upon that and do research on teams and matchups. There are many sites where the betting trends and matchup analysis is already done, it's simply up to you to read it and then make a decision. This information is often free, and does not cost anything, so no excuses!

2. Use NBA Betting TRends When Searching Potential Wagers

Go with the hot hand so to speak. There are many hot and cold betting trends that are available to research for a matchup. Trends are great informative tools and using a strategy based off of recent betting trends can be a big help in winning and losing your bets.

3. Spread Your Money - You Can't Go Broke Making A Profit

We'd all like to double or triple our money in one wager, but the smart money is placed on wagers that are within our means and responsible. Spreading bets out and turning one big bet into five smaller ones can increase your chances of winning. Try this out the next time you are betting on NBA games.