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Legal sports betting in the United States is something that is overlooked by many fans and residents around the country. We always see many people talking about different games and other sporting events and the betting opportunities that they offer but some states don’t have legal sports betting or licensed sportsbooks. So if you think you can walk into any casino and just bet on any sporting event, that is false. With this industry (for some states) being unregulated by the state, there are many other options for sports betting. There are plenty of games out there so make sure to know that you can place a bet on any game, just have to find the right place where you can with no legal problems at all!

This is site will give you the full rundown of all the ins and outs of the things that you need to know when it comes to all the rules and regulations when it comes to sports betting. Not knowing information and trying to place a wager on a sporting event can lead to huge trouble so there will be full explanation and questions answered here on LegalSportsBetting. Many different things will be covered on this site so all questions or information that you will want to know will be here on this page. It is always better to know than to not know at all, right?

Is Sports Betting Legal In The United States?

The answer to this is simple. Yes and No. Although many believe that there is one answer for this, in some states, sports betting is legal and some states it is unregulated. Some states are moving at a faster pace than others which could show a huge difference in the near future. This also means that the states that have legalized sports betting will have the most players involved and will continue to collect more revenue because of it. With mostly casino hotels as sportsbooks, this makes them very popular and brings a lot of customers with big pockets to spend money. That’s one of the huge benefits when it comes to having legal sports betting and plenty of states are recognizing it.

It will take time for these states to come around and make a decision on the legal side of sports betting. In the meantime, for most states, the option for online sportsbooks is here and you can do the same type of sports wagering while using these online sports betting sites. There are still requirements there that you have to follow as well but this is an option that you can use when it comes to placing wagers in states that have not legalized local sports betting. Also using these online sportsbooks will not get you in any trouble at all. That is key and this will also keep you out of any legal problems.

Legal Sports Betting Sites For U.S. Players

There are many options when it comes to legal sports betting sites. Choosing by your preference is huge and once you have to make sure that the wager options and the payout and other options fit what you are comfortable with. Now, these sites that you have as options could be the one of the best to many but in order to find that out, you will have to look at a few reviews for these online sportsbooks at different sites that may give you a variety of explanations and reviews on the sites you have interest in.

Most of these legit sites will answers all your questions on their site somewhere. In fact, most will have someone you can call to talk to live that will fill you in on any information you need. Legit sites are what we want you and other bettors to participate and join in because getting into some other random sites could lead to more trouble than asked for. All the information you also are looking for we will try to have here so you don’t have to keep looking at different places for any more information that you can't seem to find. Keep in mind that most of these sites that we will go over are offshore sites which helps when it comes to any legal actions.

Bovada Sportsbook

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Bovada Sportsbooks is a very well know online sportsbook. Besides Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Nevada, all other states welcome this great online sportsbook for its residents. With many wager options, this sportsbook has a lot of sports including football, boxing and others that you can place your wagers on. Parlay bets, and straight-up bets just a few betting options that are offered on Bovada. On top of all that, there are plenty of promotions that new players and current players would benefit from! This is one of the offshore online sportsbooks that many residents could use especially if sports betting isn’t offered yet in their state... or even if it is.

BetOnline Sportsbook

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Offered in all states, BetOnline is another online sportsbook that sits at the top of the list. BetOnline is one of the original gambling sites being in the sports betting industry since the early 1990s. Being in the industry for almost 30 years, this site can do nothing but improve every year and rightfully so it has. Obviously, the huge sports are available to be bet on but also have other sports like Aussie Rules Football, Cricket, Martial Arts and others. With bets trending in many ways, BetOnline offers a way for its account holders to keep track of those betting trends as well! The great thing about BetOnline is that your betting lines will be much better than any local sportsbook you go to. Better betting lines mean more winnings!

SportsBetting Sportsbook

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Sports bettors in the US also have the option of SportsBetting Sportsbook. This is another online sportsbook is offered in all states. Based out of Panama, there are no legal rules or regulations that forbid players from using this online sportsbook. Not only is there no legal issues with this sportsbook, but this also has one of the best promotions out there for its players. As soon as you sign up, you have a welcome bonus available that can get things started for you. There is nothing wrong with getting extra money to make extra money! This also includes different betting tips that could lead to big paydays!

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States That Have Legal Sports Betting - Online + In-Person


Launched in the spring of 2019, the Natural State had this bill passed in 2018 and got everything launched a year later for land-based sports betting. Oaklawn Racing and Southland Casino were the two first to open first with their licenses for legal sports wagering. With other sportsbooks getting licenses, this has been great for Arkansas and the number of players here has increased.


Since 2018, Delaware has been one of the sates that allow sports betting in-person for plenty of residents across the state. Now with sports betting legal, they are being offered at the few racing venues that Delaware has open and this is where players can win big money.


Approving its bill in the spring of 2019, all the sportsbooks have received their license are open for sports betting business. Fairly new to the sports betting world, expect more residents in Illinois to participate in the sports betting which means more revenue for The Prairie State.


September 1, 2019, was the first day that the casinos in Indiana were allowed to have sports betting going on there. As long as your 21 and older, you can place your bet and have no problem at all legally. There are mobile betting options as well which is huge for its residents!


August 2019 is when things were official for Iowa and many casinos launched with their sportsbooks having plenty of players placing their bets. This was right before the NFL season so you know plenty of revenue was coming in. This has made a huge difference for this state so far.


With legal sports betting, Missippi has a lot of players that are at their sportsbooks. Still working on the mobile betting part, you can always go to local sportsbooks and place your big wagers there. They have been active since August of 2018.


Nevada is one of the original states that were legalized back in 1949. Being with sports betting this long has paid off as Nevada continues to bring in a lot of revenue each year. The major city of Las Vegas has over 50 sportsbooks by itself!

New Hampshire

July 2019 is when the bill was signed and made it official that sports betting was legal in New Hampshire. Later on, before 2019 ended, mobile betting was launched and the state hasn't looked back.

New Jersey

Sports betting is also legal here as well and is comparative to Nevada. As you can see, it is doing very well when it comes to benefiting the state. Launched after the PASPA repeal in the summer of 2018, New Jersey continues to have collected a huge revenue from sports betting.

New Mexico

With New Mexico, the rules can be tricky but with sportsbooks here offering sports betting there are no issues at all. This is something to keep a note of because at the moment no law forbids sports betting in New Mexico but the tribal casinos launched the industry (legally) but without government approval.

New York

Officially legal in 2013, New York has been one of the top states with legal sports betting. Many casinos are here but River Casino was the first to take a sports bet and make things official.


2019 is when the first sports bet was taking in Oregon. Chinook Winds Casino Resort accepted the first sports bet but the lottery also offers an online product. This is very huge to residents and now is the place where you can place your wagers at any time.


Everything went smoothly for Pennsylvania when in November 2018 when it went live and sports betting was legal. The very next year in 2019 mobile followed suit and was officially legal as well. With both in-person and mobile betting legal, fans here have a place where they can make some extra money.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island was one of the first states to offer legal sports betting after the PASPA repeal in 2018. Their two casinos both offer sports betting options for their players.

West Virginia

Taking its time, West Virginia did eventually legalize sports betting in person and online. This is has been one of the best decisions made with the revenue continue to rise to have higher projections every year. This means that more players are participating in sports betting and spending a lot of money while doing it.


With over 20 casinos here, sports betting was legalized in 2019 but launched in time for March Madness in 2020. Michigan is one of the newer states to legalize but casinos and other venues can offer the pastime.

Read our page about states with legal sports betting if you are confused and need a better explanation.

States That Have Banned Sports Betting - Online + In-Person

Online sports betting is a hot topic at both the state and federal level. We can see this in the states who have recently challenged the federal government to legalize sports betting. The two laws in place at the federal level (Wire Act, UIGEA) are designed to make it difficult for U.S.A. players wishing to bet on sports online. However, it does not make it illegal. Many online sportsbooks which accept US players do not operate in the United States.

Players that live in Maryland, New York, Washington State, and Utah may have a hard time finding a legal sports betting site. There is laws in place in these states that make it illegal to bet on sports over the internet.

Future Regulation Of Legal Sports Betting

The regulation of legal sports betting is here now. States are starting to legalize sports betting and this will help all states with their revenue as well. Already having casinos, adding on sportsbooks can do nothing but help the states in so many ways. Some states are still working a few kinks out to legalize sports betting but still are in progress to get things done. Meanwhile, while this is going on, bettors can still place their wager on online sports betting sites that are available in most areas. Online sportsbooks can be used anywhere and this is the main way that residents in the United States have been betting on sports especially if their state has not legalized sports betting yet.

Read our article "Is sports betting legal in the USA?" for a better explanation and for some general information about legal sports betting in The United States.

Online Sports Betting FAQ
Are Online Sportsbooks Legal For US Residents?

Even with it the federal legislation trying to make it tough for bettors to use online sportsbooks, they can still be accessed and will cause no issues. These sportsbooks are offshore which means they don’t have similar rules and regulations as local land-based sportsbooks. Although these sites will cause no problems, you can run into some issues if you don’t follow the age requirement from these sites. Make sure to follow their laws and no extra problems will come around later on in the future. As long as you follow that rule and other online sportsbooks rules, there is nothing wrong with US residents using online sportsbooks.

Will I go To Jail For Betting Sports online?

There is a slim to none chance that you go to jail for placing sports wagers online but you can get in trouble for hosting an online betting site. With these offshore online sportsbooks, there are no federal laws regarding not using these offshore online betting sites. Making it tough to gamble on sports at your local sportsbooks is one thing but having a hold on online sportsbooks is another.

What Is The Legal Sports Betting Age In The U.S.?

There are two answers when it comes to these questions. 21 and 18. The reason for this is because most states will use the age of 21 as their age requirement and stick to it. Some states will use the age of 18 and older and that will be the ones where you will see the most players. So there is no confusion here it is just that some states have a lower age requirement than others. As far as online sportsbooks, their age requirement is 18. All of them have the same age requirement which sports betting sites even more attractive to bettors everywhere!