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While most might watch college basketball once the NCAA Tournament begins in late March, there is actually quite a lengthy season that takes place leading up to it. And best of all, there are betting odds formed for almost every game out there through a variety of online sports betting sites that are legal. These betting sites are legal to wager at, and feature some fantastic betting odds specific to college basketball.

The types of betting odds that can be found and the wagers that can be made on those betting lines are the main theme of this page, though we also discuss the different betting sites that give bettors the opportunity to place a legal wager. College basketball is very popular, with the Division I Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament the most bet-on month of sports all year long. There isn't a person out there who doesn't fill out their bracket trying to figure out the champion, while betting on college basketball also take center stage.

Best College Basketball Betting Sites That Are Legal

There is no shortage of college basketball betting sites out there. Sportsbooks will have a complete section specific to college basketball, which is where all of the game lines, props and futures wagers will be located for easy navigation as to what the bettor is looking for. The three sites you will read about right below all have this, and do a great job covering the sport.

Bovada Sportsbook

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It's almost like there are two seasons of college basketball betting at Bovada. There is the regular season, for which the sportsbook has game lines, props and futures odds for the matchups that take place each week. And then there is the NCAA Tournament, for which Bovada does its own bracket challenge for bettors, plus a ton of great betting lines + props relating to the bracket and regions.

Bovada presents a great legal college basketball betting site for many players to enjoy. Of these players, USA bettors are absolutely welcome, and in fact make up the majority of the account holders on site - click here to register at Bovada.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

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Expect bracket challenges at SportsBetting during the run of March Madness. But before that, expect to find game odds, player props, team props, championship odds, and more at SportsBetting when betting on college basketball, football, or any other sport like the NFL.

SportsBetting is legal, and has been accepting USA bettors since it began its operation, located out of Panama City, Panama. SportsBetting is an offshore sportsbook like the others we trust and they are able to legally accept Americans.

BetOnline Sportsbook

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Enjoy college basketball wagering at BetOnline, a sportsbook which opens the door to hundreds and thousands of betting lines each season. College Basketball opens in November and goes until the nets are cut down in early April. This college b-ball betting website will have game lines and various betting odds formed for all things college basketball.

Each of the 50 U.S. states is welcome here, with BetOnline providing a legal arena to safely place wagers. Bet college basketball at BetOnline from your computer, or even from your mobile device. BetOnline mobile betting is compatible with a ton of different mobile devices, including the iPhone and other Apple products.

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The nice thing about sportsbooks like the ones we talk about on this site is that they are free to join. There is no startup fee or anything like that. All that is required to get started is an account. To create one, the betting site will have plenty of links to join the site, where the necessary information to input is needed to create the account. It's really straightforward and your login ID plus password is created so you have private access into your account anytime you need to place a wager or take care of any other business.

Different Ways To Put Money On College Basketball Lines

Betting on college basketball gives bettors plenty of different ways to wager. Below are examples of wager types for college basketball, and what exactly they mean. Learn about the different payouts and how you can turn them into big profit.

Straight Wagering - Bet on a team to cover the point spread, wager on the money line, or pick a team to win the national championship. All of these bets are examples of a straight wager. One bet is made with one outcome determining whether the bet hits or does not hit. Straight wagering is what most people do when they make a wager on college basketball.

Parlays - Maybe you've heard the term before, but aren't exactly sure what a parlay is. Well, a parlay in college basketball is just like any other parlay in a sport; it's a bet that connects other bets for one total payout. There are multiple outcomes for a parlay, though only one payout. That's because every single bet within a parlay must win, or the parlay is unsuccessful. If it sounds hard, that's because it is. But the nice thing is that a winner can profit big!

Pleasers - A college basketball pleaser moves the original betting line installed by oddsmakers to decrease the chances of you winning on the betting line. But the plus side to this is that you stand to win a lot more money than with the original betting line.

Teasers - Teaser greatly increase your chance of winning a bet. Sounds good right? Why doesn't everyone do this? Well, the increased chance of winning directly results to a very low profit margin. This is what turns people off of teasers. Sometimes too much has to be risked and the payout isn't worth it.

Other Ways To Bet - In college basketball, bracket challenges are often offered at sports betting sites, and bettors are able to cash in on bracket winners if they correctly pick the right result. This is unique to college basketball as the only major sport with a tournament like the one that they have. It's definitely worth checking out.

Betting Lines & Odds For NCAA Basketball Games

We break down college basketball betting odds into a few different categories. The first round of betting odds for college basketball we are going to talk about are the lines typically formed for each game. From there, prop odds, plus futures betting lines are discussed.

Collebe Basketball Game Lines - It's pretty self-explanatory as far as where you will see game lines. The matchups section of a sportsbook will set each game with a point spread, moneyline, and game total. The point spread and game total are typically formed first, and as oddsmakers see how each side of the bet is going, the moneyline is then installed. The moneyline is the bet on the game with no spread, where the winner and loser are picked. The payouts are quite a bit different than the point spread.

College basketball Props - Props odds in college basketball are standard for the majority of the season until the time of the tournament. That is where things can get really exciting, with all kinds of different props formed. Team props as well as player props are created for each individual matchups throughout the year.

College Basketball Futures - Futures wagers in college basketball center on national championship betting lines. But there are other bets that can be made as well. This includes conference championships, and odds to win the NCAA Tournament.

College Basketball Betting Tips + Strategies

Betting college basketball certainly gets plenty of people involved, especially when it's March! Check out a few tips and strategies we've created specific to college basketball, including some NCAA Tournament tips to keep in mind.

1. just Like In College, Studying + Homework Helps!

You should want to find out as much as you can about the matchup you are looking to bet. Whether this is about each team individually, or a potential matchup history, everything can be important. Oddsmakers do their research when they form a betting line, so if you want to keep up with them, we suggest you do the same.

2. Using Trends To Make More Betting On UnderDogs To Win

This is a strategy specific to the NCAA Tournament and picking upset. So a 12 might not always beat a 5, but there are some great upsets and a chance to cash in on moneylines come tournament time. Moneylines when picking underdogs can reward bettors with a nice margin of profit. It's certainly something to try your hand at!

3. Check Standings... Not Just Overall But ATS Records Too!

Standings against the spread can be as good to a bettor as any other piece of information that they have available to them. Often times we like to preach about betting trends, but we are taking a different angle with ATS standings. This is great because it directly relates to betting and breaks down how teams fare against the spread over a number of scenarios.