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When venturing into any new betting-related activity, you want to sure that you are doing it safely. Is online sports betting safe is the question on many people’s minds. The land-based sports betting world is fraught with seedy bookies and back alley betting rings. These people and places can be many things, but safe is not one of them. This is why many sports fans were wary when the first online sportsbooks started popping up. Could these websites seriously be as legit and secure as they claimed to be?

Luckily, we now have decades of proof that these sites are not only legitimate and above board, but they are the safest way to bet on sports outside of Nevada. There are certain laws in place that make most of America a vacant wasteland when it comes to sportsbooks, meaning there are only two states in the nation that actually have any. If we didn’t have these online options, most of us would be out of luck. This is why their safety practices are very importantto us here at

Where Do These Sites Operate?

All of the legal sports betting sites that you will be using operate outside of America. This is because of several laws including the Wire Act, the PASPA, and the UIGEA which all limit online sportsbooks in their own ways. Taken all together, these laws take away sportsbooks from everyone that doesn’t live in Nevada or Delaware. That includes online sportsbooks as well. The safe sports betting sites that you will be using function out of places like Panama, Canada, the UK, and Costa Rica. They operate under the laws of the lands where they reside. America has some of the most restrictive laws regarding sports betting, so lucky for us these other countries have much more lenient laws.

Are Online Sports Betting Sites Safe?

The sports betting sites that we will point you to have all been operating for more than a decade. Online books do not last very long if they are lax on the safety measures. These sites can afford the latest and greatest security software and hardware for superior encryption and ssl protocols. They send and receive funds through the same impenetrable lines as the major online retailers and money transfer agencies such as PayPal. They have expert technicians that check the sites for leaks or weak spots every month. To date, not a single member of any of the online books that we review has had his or her information compromised in any way. You will not find a single negative review regarding safety.

Is My Money Safe When Sports Betting Online?

Yes, these legal sports betting sites offer the safest and most trusted transaction methods in the business. Deposits can be made via credit/debit cards, as well as money orders, cash wires, and more. This is as safe as making a purchase at a major online retailer. Payouts are just as safe, utilizing rapid transfers, checks, bank wires, and more. These sites only offer the most secure options when it comes to transferring money overseas. Check out some of the member testimonials or professional reviews to get an understanding of the supreme methods these sites use.

Can I Get In Trouble For Using An Online Sportsbook?

One thing that many US residents seem to be confused about is the legal and safety standings of online sportsbooks. There is really nothing to be worried about though. These sites are considered staples in the sports betting community, and are the main sources of wagering action for 99% of the American public. As long as you are following the rules of the site, you will not get in trouble. First off, the site must accept residents of the state you are in. Most sites accept all 50 states, but a select few do not. The site will let you know if they accept your state when you sign up, so that should never be a problem. These sites use things like geotracking as extra safety measures, but also to make sure that no one is wagering from a place that they shouldn’t be. Follow the rules of the site, and you will be fine.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet On Sports?

If you are following the rules of the sportsbook that you are using, then you will be over 18. These sites do not accept minors, and they are very good at finding underage users and banning their IP addresses. As long as you are over 18 you will be safe and in good standing with the law when using an online book. If you want to take every precaution under the sun into account, then you can also check your state law for the betting age. Some states set the age higher than 18, usually 21. If this is how your state sees it, then you might want to wait until you are 21, or whatever age they say, before signing up. Again, this is only an added precaution, and you will probably be okay as long as you are over 18.

Safe Sports Betting Sites That Are Legal For US Players

Now that you have a good idea of what these sites use in order to ensure your safety, you are ready to sign up and started winning some dough! There are plenty of mediocre sites out there that put profit before safety, and are therefore not worth your time. Going with any of the sites that we review will ensure that you are wagering with a bona fide champion in the field on online sports betting.

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