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Betting on sporting events is one of the most cherished forms of gambling in the United States—which is ironic, given that, today, sports betting is widely criminalized. Indeed, those who wish to place bets on their favorite athletic events are largely out of luck, especially if they wish to do so with a street-level bookmaker. Currently, only two states offer legal, land-based sports betting—Nevada and Delaware. Everywhere else, betting through a local bookie is illegal, and the penalties could prove severe. Thankfully, there are safe and legal ways to bet through online sportsbooks, licensed offshore.

This page is designed as an educational resource for those interested in using sports betting sites that are legal in the state they live in. The page will offer some general insights into U.S. sports betting laws. From there, the page will make some notes about how gamers can legally and safely bet via the Web.

Is it Legal for U.S. Residents to Bet on Sports Online?

The big question, of course, is this: Is it legal for Americans to bet on sports online? The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is yes. While U.S.-based sportsbooks are not legally sanctioned, there is nothing wrong with placing a bet through a sportsbook that is located outside the U.S., and fully licensed in its country of origin. Those U.S. gamers who wager through these sites do not face any risk of legal penalty, of getting arrested, or of getting into trouble.

Where Can I Legally Bet Online in My State?

Of course, not all online sportsbooks are created equal. Gamers in the U.S. are encouraged to seek out sites that are not only reputable, but also accepting of gamers from your state. Our site has gathered information on the best online sportsbooks, available in different states, and we encourage you to explore these recommendations further.

Bovada Sportsbook

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The sportsbook at Bovada welcomes players from the United States as a legal spot to bet on their favorite teams, leagues, and sports. But Bovada does have a couple of limits in terms of which states are accepted. The majority of U.S. states can create an account with no problem, but there are three that currently cannot. Those three states are Washington, New York, and Maryland.

For those residents in states where they are allowed to create an account at Bovada, they will need to make sure that they meet their state's minimum age to bet. Bovada requires users to be at least 18, but defers to local laws for betting ages if that age is higher. Outside of that though, Bovada is a great legal sports betting environment where American residents can lay down real-money wagers.

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More About The Legalities Of Online Betting In The U.S.

Of course, there is more that we could say about the legality of online sports betting in different states. This is a complex issue, as it involves both state and federal laws—and those laws are even in flux, with more and more states adopting a more progressive approach to betting. Read on for further details.

Sports Betting Laws In The United States

Again, there are both state and federal laws to take into account. When it comes to state laws, it is difficult to offer any across-the-board comments, simply because each state varies in what it does and does not permit. Some states are much harsher than others. As such, it is always prudent to check on the specific laws that govern your state; we have made that easy by including data on our state-specific pages.

Something that is important to note, however, is that most states will typically just defer to the federal laws that are in place. There are some expansive federal regulations that are applicable to online sports wagering in all states. Gamers are invited to explore our site for further details.

Other Stuff That Can Be Affected Based On Where You Live

Aside from questions of legality, online sports wagering also brings up other practical concerns—such as the issue of payment methods, both when depositing into online sportsbooks and when using legal sportsbook payout methods. There are many different methods, and some are more desirable than others. Gamers are invited to continue exploring our site for some more specific information about different deposit and withdrawal methods.