Is Sports Betting Legal In The U.S.?

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Federal law against sports betting spills over into most states across the U.S. from a land-based perspective. This much we know. Legal and licensed sportsbooks at casinos do not exist in many states due to federal legislation. But the question of whether or not legal sports betting can be done in the U.S. extends further than the sportsbooks that we can physically walk into. The Internet has changed the way betting takes place, and frankly has made it all much more accessible to states where it otherwise would not be.

You'll find the full spectrum surrounding the legalization of sports betting is discussed, highlighted by legal ways to bet sports, plus the laws in effect that directly relates to sports betting, and what the language says. Betting on sports continues to grow in popularity, as evidence by the sheer volume of money that changes hands weekly.

Is It Legal To Gamble On Sports In The United States?

Yes, betting sports can legally be done both at land-based licensed sportsbooks, and online. Having said that though, it's important to understand that there are only four states where legalized land-based sports wagering can take place. Following the Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act, betting sports in the U.S. was banned.

Enter online sportsbooks, which have taken off and in large part directly been a part of a boom in the industry. Here is where American players from all states are able to take advantage and bet on sports. These sportsbooks operate all over the world and cater to many sports gamblers, including those in the U.S. Placing a wager online is legal in the United States, even if such site operations are not. But offshore sites equal legal betting for Americans.

Can I Legally Bet Sports Online For Money?

We know that walking into a licensed sportsbook in Las Vegas is legal, but what about placing a wager online? The simple answer is that yes, playing for money online by betting on sports is legal to do for those of age. If a player is accepted at a site, then they are good to go. The site will list the ways in which deposits can be made by the players in their account.

U.S. Sports Gambling Laws

While online sports betting is legal for players, it's important to learn why sportsbooks can't operate in the U.S. If we as players can bet, why can't we bet at a regulated sports betting site in the U.S.? And why can't most states operate a licensed sportsbook?

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act - The UIGEA says that gambling businesses cannot use the Internet to aid in the process of monetary transactions that are being used to place a bet, or payout a bet. In essence, gambling sites cannot process a bet legally.

Federal Wire Act - This law covers sports betting only, and specifically prohibits the use of wire communication to help with a bet or wager made for a sporting event where money is involved.

Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Act - PASPA relates to land-based sports betting, banning it across the U.S. States exempt from this law include Montana, Oregon, Delaware, and Nevada.

Websites Where It Is Legal To Bet On Sports

There are legal sports betting sites to check out today, waiting for players like you to give them a test run and see if it's something that you want to continue with. Sites like the ones you will look at throughout this site are the epitome of great Internet sports wagering, with the chance to cash in and win big.

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How Old Do I Have To Be To Use These Legal Betting Sites?

This can sometimes protrude some gray area, because sites where Americans will play do not operate in the U.S. In the United States, the gambling age is decided at the state level, with each state deciding upon it. The gambling ages in the U.S. are either 18 or 21, depending on what area you are in.

But then there is also the legal age to bet at the site. Online sportsbooks will have a minimum age to place a bet on site, which they say must be met. But sometimes sportsbooks can defer to the area that you live in as well, whether that is in the U.S. or elsewhere. Then again, sometimes a sportsbook will say that it doesn't matter so long as you meet the required age to gamble at the site.

Future Of Online Betting Sites In The U.S.

Laws may exist that prohibit forms of sports betting or the operation of such sites in the U.S., but sports betting on the whole has not suffered much because of it. Opportunities like betting sports online have been the backbone of sports betting today, and it only appears to be growing. Will it become legal to run a sports betting site in the U.S. one day? That's hard to say. But for now, American players and international players alike have many choices.