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In your search for finding an online sportsbook that suits your needs, you will certainly notice some similarities as far as the general makeup of the sites. For example, all sites will require players to sign up for an account and to create a login. This is to ensure ways to make deposits into account, and keep track of your activity on the site going forward. Another similarity might be the betting sections offered, such as the sports and wager types. But the one we want to talk about spills over into free cash offered on site.

They are known as sportsbook bonuses, and if you've ever been to a sports betting site, you have probably seen advertisements for them plastered on the homepage. Free cash is always something that we as people in general are interested in. Sports betting sites will offer bonuses as means to get a player to sign up with them. And while sportsbook bonuses are purely optional if you find the right one, it could certainly give you the chance to play a lot more money than you ever thought you would going in.

Types Of Sportsbook Bonuses

First we must talk about the different types of bonuses that are commonly found at legal online betting sites. There are a couple of different ones, with different sportsbooks using whichever one they feel best fits what they are trying to do.

Deposit Bonuses - The first type of bonus for a sports betting site we are going to talk about is a deposit bonus. This is a type of bonus that will be contingent upon funding an account. A deposit bonus can cover one deposit, or apply to multiple. Not all sportsbooks will have the same bonus amount given, as that is typically unique to the site. A deposit bonus works by the sportsbook choosing to designate a certain amount in bonus cash related to how much a player deposits. The more a player deposits, the more bonus they get. A cap will typically be set for the maximum amount, but players can earn quite a bit.

No-Deposit Bonus - A no-deposit bonus doesn't reflect the deposit made by the player. This will be a fixed dollar amount given out to the player if they choose to accept it. This type of bonus is less common than a deposit bonus, because the sportsbook will typically want to give the player incentive to deposit more money into their account.

Welcome Bonus - A welcome bonus can be a deposit or a no-deposit bonus, but applies only to those new players creating accounts. Sportsbooks are always trying to get new players, and welcome bonuses play a large part in that.

Reload Bonus - A reload bonus is for existing customers, and are often times different than the first deposit bonuses that players receive. But sportsbook wants to retain their players, and provide rewards for players making multiple deposits into their accounts.

What Are Sportsbook Bonus Codes?

If a player decides to accept a bonus, a sportsbook bonus code is typically used to distinguish which bonus they are going to go with. Often, sportsbooks will have several bonuses, whether for the sportsbook or other aspects of the site like poker or casinos. The bonus code is input when the player gets to that point of being asked whether they want one or not. The codes are found in the details of the bonuses.

Sometimes, there are special codes that can be had at affiliate sites promoting the sportsbook. Bettors can get even larger bonuses here, also known as exclusive bonus codes. The process of distinguishing with a code is the same though.

Bonuses That Are Available At Legal Sports betting Sites

There are some great online sportsbook with top-of-the-line bonuses in the industry, any of which we talk about here on site. Great deposit bonuses can be found, offering players a ton of cash to wager on their favorite sports. Be sure to check it out and find out the different bonus options available.

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Why You Should Claim Sports Betting Bonuses...

For those who have never tried a sportsbook bonus, we recommend you give it a shot and see how you like it. There will of course be requirements that have to be met, such as a rollover. A rollover is a requirement where the bonus has to be played a certain number of times before it can be cashed out. Sportsbooks don't want to just hand you money for you to cash it out. Aside from this though, there are no tricks or fine print to be aware of. It will all be laid out for you.

Special + Seasonal Promos Sometimes Have Codes Too!

Sportsbooks like to give their account holders different rewards and promotions throughout the year as means to ignite excitement during the season. When a new season gets going, there can be sport-specific promotions instituted by a sports betting site which will reward players who choose to wager on that sport.

The range of promotions varies at different sportsbooks and can cover things like prop bets, games of the week, futures, and more. Essentially the betting site can come up with anything that they want. There is often a ton of free bets or free money that can be had through these promotions. Sportsbooks will market these promotions to prospective bettors as well, as they are not exclusive to account holders only.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

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SportsBetting offered players at the start of the 2017 NFL season that chance earn two different bonuses. The initial bonus was a $1,000 opportunity utilizing the bonus code NFL2013 which affords users who take advantage the chance to get a 75% deposit bonus up to that maximum of $1,000.

A re-up bonus opportunity on a deposit after the first would give bettors at 75% bonus up to the same cap. For this the same bonus code was offered. This meant that users could earn multiple bonuses for the NFL season to apply towards bets during the season. This is just one example of the kinds of things that can be expected at sportsbooks with their promotions.