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Legal sports betting is a specialty of, so the question of it's legality can be put to rest right out of the gate. SportsBetting provides those living in the United States the opportunity to place legal wagers and win money. There are laws in the U.S. that do concern sports betting, however, SportsBetting is not in violation of them, nor is an American that is old enough to bet legally.

Laws like the Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, and the Federal Wire Act all place restrictions on sports betting, and certain sports betting sites. But is not under the jurisdiction of them because of the fact that they do not conduct their practices in the country.

Is Legit?

SportsBetting is a very legitimate online sportsbook, providing account holders with a great many betting odds that they can wager on. Legitimacy is found in a sports betting site that routinely meets the standards set in the industry, as well as by the consumers who choose to go with the site. With SportsBetting being one of the fastest growing sportsbooks around, there is a reason for that. Bettors will be able to wager on many sports and leagues that are formed here, with real money bets, producing real money results. There is no beating around the bush, as provides a legit service.

Is Sportsbook Safe?

Players opting to make a move on SportsBetting will be doing so at a very safe online sportsbook. Strict security measures are enforced on site to give account holders privacy and, ensuring that the transactions they make are confidential. makes sure that each player has their own account with a login that is password protected. Players can only make a wager when they are logged into their account. Furthermore, things like credit card numbers, addresses, and other sensitive information is encrypted.

Where Is SportsBetting Legal? is legal around the world, including in the United States. This sports betting site is based in Panama, but accepts players from around the globe. It's because of the fact that it's set up in Panama that American players have the opportunity to play here. It's pretty obvious too by the majority of the betting odds that markets to U.S. players, with many of the betting lines for U.S sports.

Is SportsBetting Sportsbook Legal In California?

Get your legal sports betting on at SportsBetting in California for all you players living there. A ton of options are available to you at this great sportsbook. No law breaking, no worries. Players in California will be glad to know that they can lay down a real money wager at this online sportsbook anytime.

Is SportsBetting Legal In New York?

Those living in Big Apple and the rest of the Empire State can take a bite out of's online sportsbook as they are accepted and legally capable of playing at the sportsbook. While there are some online sportsbooks that will not take New York players at their site for one reason or another, is a sportsbook that happily accepts residents from this great state

Is SportsBetting Legal In Texas?

In Dallas, Austin, Houston, and every other city in Texas, it's legal to bet at Football will probably be the most popular sport wagered on in Texas, as the state is infamous for its fanaticism. Good thing SportsBetting has plenty of NFL and college football betting odds that are available.

Is SportsBetting Legal In Florida?

There are no state online sportsbook laws specific to Florida that would make placing a wager at this site illegal. Combine that with the fact that federal law doesn't prohibit the practice either, and Florida bettors can legally create and account, deposit, and bet that deposit on one, or a variety of wagers.

Is SportsBetting Sportsbook Legal In Illinois?

Yes, SportsBetting is in fact legal in the state of Illinois. If you reside in Illinois, don't hesitate. Head to their website today and create a new account at They are waiting for you with some great offers, on top of fantastic betting lines and payouts.

More About

What makes SportsBetting one of the best legal betting sites operating today? A number of things...This sports betting site is very well organized, and runs smoothly. Creating an account takes just a few steps, as does depositing. Funding an account at SportsBetting can consist of a Visa card or an American Express card. In addition to that there are other ways, such as a Western Union transfer, and even a money order.

Other great features of include a top-of-the-line bonus offer. It's a lifetime bonus reward on site, good for up to $500 every time an account holder makes a deposit. It can be had any time the player wants, there is no limit on the number of deposits.

Stuff To Bet On At SportsBetting - How To Find Wager Lines

SportsBetting has plenty of lines and wagers that can be made on site. Different sports will feature different types of bets that can be made, but all of that information can be found under the rules and regulations of betting here.

Beginning with the sports that are available to wager at SportsBetting, this is easily found on the toolbar down the left navigator on the screen. It's broken up by sport, and when clicked upon the section expands into the different leagues. For example, 'Football' is a general section, but when diving into it and expanding it's broken up into 'NFL' and 'NCAA'.

The above example with football only covers game lines. SportsBetting has several other betting lines that are formed, spanning both proposition lines and futures. And even within the game lines, SportsBetting will allow various wagers to be placed too. For example, parlay bets that link outcomes together for a higher payout are quite popular. But it certainly does not stop there. Be sure to check out the lines formed for different sports + the wager types that accompany each. There are plenty!