Bovada Sportsbook Review + Is Bovada Legal In...

One of the main questions concerning online sports betting, in particular for U.S. residents, is whether or not they are legal to participate in. You should know that Bovada Sportsbook is legal to bet, and allows American players to sign up for an account. Bovada Sportsbook is not an American-based sportsbook, therefore giving it the opportunity to allow American players. That wouldn't seem to make sense, except for the fact that the operation of an online sportsbook is effectively banned in the United States.

But this is the key factor, because making a bet online by a person of legal age is not outlawed in the U.S., as the laws cover the sites and businesses operating them. Therefore, betting at Bovada is legal to do, as this is one of the most popular and well-known sportsbook among American players.

Is Bovada Legit?

We established that Bovada is legal, but how about its legitimacy? The fact that it operates outside of the U.S. might shed some doubt among players. But it should be known that Bovada is one of the most formidable and trusted online sportsbooks in the entire world. There is a reason it's popularity continues to grow and acquire more account holders. They provide some of the best lines, and top-quality customer service, making sure that legal online sports betting is done properly even where the industry is still budding like in the United States.

Is Bovada Sportsbook Safe?

Players who choose to create an account at Bovada will need to deposit funds to bet real money. With any company that deals with money and the transition of funds back and forth, there will need to be security measures taken. Bovada implores high-level security for safe financial transactions. But even further, accounts are encrypted to ensure that personal information of a player is kept within that account.

States Accepted By Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada Sportsbook is legal around the world to play, including the United States. The U.S. is its main area of focus, because they offer betting odds mostly for the sports and leagues here. Bovada is located in North America, but not in the U.S., they are based in Canada. With respect to the U.S., Bovada accepts players from all states but New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, Maryland, and New York. This is due to a few reasons, among them are state gambling laws and the ways in which players can deposit in these states. But on the whole, Bovada is approved for legal online sports betting in almost every state.

Is Bovada Legal In California?

Players from California are happily accepted at Bovada to create an account and bet on their sports of interest. Bovada is a legal gambling option in California so residents in the state of legal gambling age are encouraged to play. So residents of California, feel free to visit Bovada and see if it meets your needs.

Is Bovada Legal In New York?

Bovada is technically legal in the state of New York, but new players looking to create accounts will not be accepted to do so due to depositing restrictions. With that being said though, players who had accounts with Bovada prior to the ban going into effect are still allowed to play under their Bovada account.

Is Bovada Legal In Texas?

Everything's bigger in Texas, and if that pertains to sports betting too, well then residents can bet big legally at Bovada. This betting site gives Texas players a great look at competitive betting lines that span all kinds of sports. Texas players can create legal accounts with Bovada with no problems.

Is Bovada Legal In Florida?

With as many sports teams as Florida has both professional and collegiate, it's a huge sports state. You bet that Bovada is legal to play for Floridians! The gambling age to play in Florida is 21, so users who meet this age requirement cane feel free to sign up for Bovada if they like what they see, and they can do so legally.

Is Bovada Legal In Illinois?

The legality of Bovada Sportsbook extends to Illinois, with those living in the state in no danger of breaking the law should they choose to create an account. Real money deposits can be made by Illinois residents who want to legally bet on sports at Bovada, to make a wager on any of the great lines that are offered on site.

Is Bovada Legal in Colorado?

Living in Colorado and interested in legal online sports betting? Well, lucky for you that Bovada meets this need. Sports betting is legal at Bovada and let's Colorado players enjoy all of the features that they have. Colorado sports gamblers can wager real money and receive cash payouts when they win without fear of prosecution.

Is Bovada Legal In Maryland?

Maryland is the one of the few U.S. states where residents are not allowed to bet with Bovada. Maryland players might be legally allowed to play, but when the site doesn't accept them then alternative sportsbooks will have to do. Fortunately, there are other sportsbooks, like BetOnline + SportsBetting, where those who want to wager online can turn to even when in Maryland.

Is Bovada Legal In Washington?

Online sports betting is technically illegal under state law in Washington, as this is one of the state’s most strict when it concerns online sports betting. Even still, Bovada is an online sportsbook that welcomes residents of Washington long as they meet the minimum betting age requirements for their local jurisdiction.

More About Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada Sportsbook is a great online sports betting site that forms hundreds of odds each day. There might not be a better online sportsbook out there for those interested. Bovada makes it easy for American players to sign up, by offering easy deposit methods, payouts, and high bonuses.

American-friendly deposits make it especially enticing to U.S. players, because each of the funding methods can be used by them. This, plus other factors all play a role in why Bovada has been, and continues to be one of the most successful sports betting site in the world today.

Bovada Sportsbook Funding - How To Deposit Into Bovada

Bovada offers account holders a few different options to make a deposit. They are a Visa card deposit, and a 'rapid transfer', which encompasses a couple choices.

If you're thinking about making a deposit into Bovada using Visa, know that it extends to any type of card that has the Visa brand behind it. This includes a credit card, check/debit card, prepaid card, and even a gift card. Funds are instantly transferred with a Visa deposit. The process will follow any other standard purchase, with the card number + expiration date required as well as the card holder information. It must match the information on the Bovada account holder for security purposes.

For the rapid transfer, a wire transfer and MoneyGram is covered. The wire transfer can be conducted at any type of outlet that does this. Western Union transfers are most popular. A MoneyGram is electronically transferred just like a wire transfer, and is accepted at Bovada.