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Is there a better regular season than college football? The argument could be made, but it's doubtful that another sports or league could hold the merit behind the college football season excitement. With any one loss being the difference between a shot at a national championship and a being on the outside, NCAA football is unlike other sports. Betting college football is equally as exciting. Yes that's right, wagering on college football is very common and for bettors in the U.S., legal to do.

The extent to which bettors are able to wager on NCAA football and what betting lines come along with the sport are discussed. Betting college football online is what gives bettors in the U.S. the most access to the odds. College football betting sites where bettors from the U.S. can legally place real money wagers are shown and detailed as far as what can be expected. But we are about information here as well, with specifics on wager types, betting odds, and even a tip or two to help you out on your betting endeavors.

Legal Websites For Betting On College Football

If you think that there are only one or two places to bet on college football, you need to think again. There are actually plenty of websites that specialize in legal sports gambling that also feature a college football section. We've gone through most of them and bring you three of the best available today.

Best College Basketball Betting Sites That Are Legal

There is no shortage of college basketball betting sites out there. Sportsbooks will have a complete section specific to college basketball, which is where all of the game lines, props and futures wagers will be located for easy navigation as to what the bettor is looking for. The three sites you will read about right below all have this, and do a great job covering the sport.

Bovada Sportsbook

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Whether you are looking to bet on the BCS Championship odds, weekly game lines, or a ton of different prop lines, Bovada Sportsbook is the place to come check out. Bovada covers NCAA football like white on rice. Point spreads, moneylines, game totals will be feature for almost every FBS matchup spanning the major conferences. But they even get going in the preseason, with division and conference lines formed as well.

Bovada is based offshore and is legal for American bettors to create and account and bet on college football. This is a site that is routinely cited by major sports networks like ESPN for when they talk about the betting lines.

BetOnline Sportsbook

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Accepts Players From ALL 50 States

Sometimes it's not just about the betting odds that are offered at a sportsbook that makes it great. With the top-rated betting sites, they will have many of the same types of betting lines. BetOnline is an example of this, as they have plenty of great betting odds to check out for the college football season. But it's some of the other parts that separate BetOnline from many other books.

This sportsbook accepts each state in the U.S. to sign up. They also offer easy deposit methods like Visa and American Express. But the ease of access is there as well, with a great mobile betting site for those who are constantly on-the-go.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

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Every US Resident is Welcomed!

SportsBetting should be on your short list of college football sportsbooks for several reasons. Legally speaking this betting site allows bettors from the United States to choose them as their main resource for all things college football betting. Creating an account is as easy as it gets.

And when you check out the college football odds at SportsBetting, you will quickly notice that there is a reason this is one of the best legal NCAA football betting sites out there. Game lines are formed as quickly as you will see anywhere, which means that account holders here will have access to those weekly odds faster than anyone before them.

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Ready To Bet On Today's College Football Games? Get Started!

In order to place legal bets at online sportsbooks for NCAA football, you need to sign up with a betting site. Check out several in the process, and join the one that is compatible to what you are looking for from and odds standpoint, as well as one that meets your deposit requirements, withdrawal requirements, and other factors. Sportsbooks will have all of this information available to you even before you commit to an account.

Different Ways To Wager On NCAA Football + Betting Options

Like the NFL, college football has as many ways to bet on the sport as any other sport or league out there. The nature of the sport and how betting odds are set up allow for this. As a result, there are many ways in which bettors are able to place a wager on college football, whether it's on a game, prop, futures line or a combination thereof.

Straight Betting On CFB Games - If you make a bet at a sportsbook on NCAA football where you place money down for one outcome on a single wager it is known as a straight bet. There are no adjustments, or other outcomes that come into play. There are many different kinds of straight bets, such as game lines, props, and futures.

College Football Parlay Wagers - The appealing aspect of placing a parlay on NCAA football is the potential to make a lot of money on the return. But the high reward comes with high risk. Parlays involve several different bets to hit ultimately for one large outcome. The trick is making sure all of those small bets within the parlay hit. If they don't, then the parlay is not a winner. Bettors can often form many types of parlays as a sportsbook.

NCAa Football Pleaser Bets - If a bettor doesn't like a betting line, they can essentially buy points to adjust it. Or in the case of a pleaser, it's almost like doing the exact opposite. A pleaser shifts a betting line to make it more difficult on the bettor to win. The point to do this though would be because the payout on the betting line increases. Bettors are making the wager harder to win for a bigger profit.

CFB Teaser Betting - This is the bet where bettors are buying points to make the bet easier to win against the spread. Teasers do the opposite of a pleaser, bringing the betting line and adjusting it closer. The plus side is that the bet is statistically easier to win. The minus is that a lot of the payout can be sacrificed. But the thought here is that a win is better than a loss.

Other Ways To Wager On CFB Games - When you look around at a sportsbook into some of the rules and things of that nature you will probably find out about the different bets that can be made. College football will have plenty of options. In addition to the ones that we've already talked about will be some other ones. Things like an if-bet, which is similar to parlay wager could available. Be sure to consult the sportsbook if you have any betting type questions.

College Football Betting Odds + Lines

We are going to separate college football lines into a few different categories. During the season bettors will be able to wager on games through the game lines formed at sportsbooks, prop odds, and futures wagers on conference and national championships.

College Football Game Lines - The game lines are broken up into three betting odds. They are a point spread, for which the favorite and underdog are established in order to cover a line, a moneyline, in which no spread is formed and the winner is bet, and a game total, which directly relates to the points scored in a matchup.

College Football Props - Team props, player props, and futures wagers also come along with betting college football. Props can be with games or relate to the season on the whole. Team win totals, and individual player performances are popular.

College Football Futures - In the case of futures bets it's all about the BCS Championship odds and who will win the national title. Other futures wagers includes conference and division betting lines formed prior to the start of each season.

College Football Betting Tips + Strategies

To help increase your chances of winning bets made on NCAA football, check out a few strategies that can be implemented into your betting, below. These are pretty basic, but a lot of times it's know what to look for and how to manage bets that can produce more wins

1. Betting Trends Are Your Friend

Of all the different resources and research materials at your fingertips, we suggest you consult betting trends if you are looking to be a game. Betting trends are very helpful for wagers made against the spread, and on the over/under point total. Trends are broken down into different categories, and can really help paint a picture of what you might expect and what trends teams are playing towards.

2. For Low Risk, High Return Wagers Try A Parlay

Parlay wagers are very popular because bettors can risk very little to win a lot. With that comes the lower chance of winning, but if a parlay is lost it won't be the end of the world. Bettors can often risk $5 and sometime profit thousands depending on the games chosen and the extent of the parlay. These wagers also make things exciting as they span many games throughout the day.

3. Try Different Things

Bettors will have different methods and stick to them, and while that could work we suggest developing new strategies as you progress in your betting. Don't stick with one method until you've experimented with other possible ones to maybe find a better one. There are many different theories out there, and there are many that have a lot of merit to them. Don't be afraid to expand your horizons.