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Betting on the NBA can be done legally, even if you live in the United States. Conventional thought might lead one to think that the only legal betting options for Americans might be in Las Vegas, but that is not true. Online sports betting is widely popular, and sportsbooks are formed that are legal for players to bet. The NBA is home to 82 regular season games and a ton of playoff matchups and all of them can be wagered on legally.

The next question might be about the sports betting sites that are legal to use. Fortunately for you, we have several that we talk about on this page. But betting sites where you can go to wager legally on the NBA is only a part of what we talk about. We discuss the full spectrum of NBA betting, such as what betting odds are formed at sportsbooks and what wager types that can be made at these sites. Our staff is well versed on the topic and is going to throw in a few tips for you to check out.

Legal NBA Betting WebSites

For starters, you are going to want to know some quality sportsbooks where NBA betting lines are formed. Three of the leading NBA sports betting sites are talked about below, but you should also know that there are more legal online sportbooks than just these choices out there as well. These NBA sites should give you are nice indicator of what you should expect when checking them out.

Bovada Sportsbook

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Most States Welcome - (Excluding: DE, MD, NJ, NY, NV)

Each team in the NBA will play 2 games, plus the playoffs if they reach them. Bovada has all of these games covered; every single one. And it's not just a point spread that they have either; we are talking a full scope of game lines, player props and team props for each matchup.

Bovada provides a legal betting site format where real money can be wagered and won. For bettors in the United States, all residents except those living in New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, Maryland, and New York can create an account at Bovada. This is an NBA betting section that you definitely don't want to miss but if you are in one of those states you will need to explore other options on this page.

BetOnline Sportsbook

BONUS: 50% up to $2,500
Accepts Players From ALL 50 States

Making legal wagers on the NBA doesn't get much easier than it does at BetOnline. This sports betting site has been around for more than a decade. Located in Panama City, Panama, BetOnline encourages American bettors, though there are countries all over the world accepted.

BetOnline is right up there with the best in what they offer from a competitive payout standpoint, as well as the pure number of NBA betting lines. One thing's for sure, you won't miss a game line at BetOnline because it comes complete with all of them, updating daily. Legal NBA wagering at BetOnline has never been better.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

BONUS: 75% up to $1,000
Every US Resident is Welcomed!

There are a lot of great NBA betting features at SportsBetting. One of them is the live betting section that they offer. NBA games are routinely offered in the live betting section on site. Bettors can get right in the action and bet as the game is happening. There can be dozens and dozens of live bets formed for each matchup available.

SportsBetting is available legally to place NBA wagers on, regardless of the type of bet that you are looking to make that's accepted. Bet on the game lines, or go out and lay down money on a parlay. It's really up to you; SportsBetting simply gives you the legal option to do it.

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Ready To Get Started? Here's How You Do It!

After you make the decision that you would like to try and bet on the NBA, there really isn't much more to it other than selecting a sportsbook. The process to sign up for a new account will require a bit of information but it won't take but a couple of minutes to complete. Depositing is important, so make sure you know the funding methods offered on site and which ones are good for you to use. Sportsbooks will list all of their available deposit options in their banking section.

NBA Basketball Wager Types - Ways To Bet On NBA Games

The NBA can have a ton of different bets for just a single game. Betting lines can cover a myriad of different angles even for a regular season matchup. Things can be more extensive during the playoffs and through the NBA Finals, but you can be sure that the league is very well covered in terms of what you can do with wagering.

Straight Wagering - All kinds of straight bets can be made on the NBA. Simply placing a bet on the point spread is a type of a straight bet. It's a wager made that will give one outcome from one bet placed, where only that outcome is dependent upon the bet winning or losing. Any other type of betting line such as a future bet to win the NBA championship can also be classified as a straight bet.

Parlays - You can mix things up with NBA betting with a parlay. Think of a parlay as several straight wagers made as one in that each of those straight bets need to win so that the parlay can win. If a bettor does a five-team parlay that would be five individual bets linked together where all of them need to win for the parlay to win. Parlays are appealing because of some high payouts.

Pleasers - The NBA is a sport that can have pleasers, but it's not always the case. It will depend on the sportsbook. A pleaser will take a betting line installed by oddsmakers and push it away from the side that the bettor is looking at. This increases the margin of profit for the bettor, but the statistical chance of winning goes down. The only reason to do this would be because of a good payday.

Teasers - Bringing the betting line closer to the bettor is the way to think of a teaser. A low margin of profit is another way to think of a teaser, which is why it's not very commonly done. The winning margin is low, which means a higher-risked wager will need to be made for a potentially low reward.

Other Ways To Bet - With so many games during the week when the regular season is in full swing, there is a ton of action to get in one for betting on the NBA. Sportsbooks will have the full list of what wager types are available for basketball and the NBA. Some sportsbook might even explain the exact ways to bet a certain wager, using examples of payouts and how much can be won by doing it.

NBA Wager Lines + Betting Odds Online

The actual betting odds for wagering on the NBA cover a wide range of different things. All angles of the game are covered. There are several different betting lines that are formed for NBA games, as well as for the entire season.

NBA Game Lines - For example in game lines, the point spread is established, along with the moneyline and over/under point total for the game. All three of these components to a game line are a staple for NBA betting. Bettors can be confident that each of the matchups will have all three of these no matter which NBA game it is.

NBA Prop Odds - It continues to spill over into team prop odds and player prop odds for games and for the season as well. Prop odds can be unique to the sportsbook as well, with some having props others don't. This is where looking at different sportsbooks can be advantageous to bettors. Props can have differing payouts as well, though within a game scenario they are generally right around even money.

NBA Futures - Betting on the NBA championship odds and betting lines to win conference titles are the most common wagers made on the NBA. Known as futures, these betting odds are usually available for wagering the entire year and even into the offseason. This type of wager is extremely popular amongst fans of particular teams and those who like to win a lot when risking very little.

NBA Betting Tips + Strategies

There are plenty of different angles that bettors can take when choosing which wagers to lay down on the NBA. We've put together a few NBA betting tips for you to read about below. Whether you choose to use them or not, it's always a good idea to research and expand the thought processes of making a bet.

1. A Sucker + His Money Are Soon Parted... Do Your Homework

You don't want to go throwing darts at a board or guessing on a wager blind. Certainly gut feelings have a lot to do with betting, but you want to expand upon that and do research on teams and matchups. There are many sites where the betting trends and matchup analysis is already done, it's simply up to you to read it and then make a decision. This information is often free, and does not cost anything, so no excuses!

2. Use NBA Betting TRends When Searching Potential Wagers

Go with the hot hand so to speak. There are many hot and cold betting trends that are available to research for a matchup. Trends are great informative tools and using a strategy based off of recent betting trends can be a big help in winning and losing your bets.

3. Spread Your Money - You Can't Go Broke Making A Profit

We'd all like to double or triple our money in one wager, but the smart money is placed on wagers that are within our means and responsible. Spreading bets out and turning one big bet into five smaller ones can increase your chances of winning. Try this out the next time you are betting on NBA games.