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The NFL is the most popular league in the United States. It routinely grabs millions of viewers every week. With the popularity of the NFL, there is another aspect that is very common as well. That would be betting on the NFL. But with sports betting being limited in the United States, the question of legality comes into play. In other words, is it legal to bet on the NFL? The short answer is that yes it is.

The how and the why relating to legal NFL betting is addressed on this page, as are betting sites in which bettors are able to sign up and place legal wagers the NFL. Exactly what betting options for the NFL there are offered is very important as well. Think of this page as your complete breakdown of all NFL betting-related questions and options.

Legal NFL Betting Sites

Jumping right into the legal online sportsbooks that specialize in NFL wagering, you will find a few of the top-rated sportsbooks that have a ton of great betting lines dedicated specifically to the NFL. There are some fantastic NFL sections, with each sportsbook offering their unique options and competitive betting odds.

Bovada Sportsbook

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If you are looking for NFL betting at its finest, check out Bovada Sportsbook. This sportsbook is legal for players in the United States to sign up and join to bet real money on games and different outcomes relating to the NFL.

Among the features that players will find at Bovada will be betting lines for each and every game during the year. This includes the preseason, regular season, and the playoffs. Not only that though, team and player props for all games are also formed, meaning that there are dozens of betting odds for each game.

BetOnline Sportsbook

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BetOnline's NFL section releases odds for NFL games before other sportsbooks. In fact, bettors can find the latest lines as soon as the two teams' games are done from the week before, giving bettors plenty of time to check out the payouts for the pending matchups the following week.

This is a legal sports betting option for players in the United States. BetOnline's sports betting website allows players from all 50 states in the U.S. to wager at their site. Simply sign up, deposit, and within minutes you can be betting real money on NFL games from your computer screen or your mobile device. It's that easy.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

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You won't find a better NFL betting section anywhere then you will at SportsBetting. First and foremost, American players are welcome to sign up, as it is legal to do. SportsBetting, like many legal sportsbooks, operates offshore. Each of the 50 states is able to create an account here.

Game lines, player props, team props, and future wagers are available at SportsBetting. While each game can be bet, SportsBetting will also have updated Super Bowl betting lines that are available throughout the course of the season.

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How To Get Started Betting On The NFL

Getting started is as easy as selecting a sportsbook and signing up for one. The process to create a new account at a sportsbook takes only a few minutes to complete. After that account is verified through email, bettors are then able to make a deposit of their own choosing that is accepted by the sportsbook and will be able to wager on NFL games from there. We suggest that you check out several sportsbooks and compare payouts, betting lines, and other important aspects like deposits, payouts, and sportsbook bonuses.

Ways To Bet On The NFL

The amount of betting odds and the available options for NFL betting will probably come with the most choices of any other sports section, especially if the betting site accepts American players. This is because the NFL is the most bet-on sports in the United States, so plenty of time will be dedicated to the section operated by the sportsbook.

Straight Wagering - This is your most basic bet, where a wager is placed on one outcome, for one payout. Examples of this would be a bet on the spread or money line for the game lines formed. But straight bets can also encompass prop lines and futures as well.

Parlay Bets - A parlay is a bet in which there are multiple outcomes linked to one payout. For the parlay to win, each bet made within that parlay must hit. Parlays can be among the highest payouts of all wagers. Sportsbooks will have their limits on what a parlay is able to up to, with some having as many as 15-team parlays available.

Pleasers - A pleaser is a line adjustment that moves the point spread of a matchup in the NFL away from the bettor's favor. This increases the payout so that there is a higher margin of profit if the new spread is covered. The bet is more difficult to win, but the reward can be great for the bettor.

Teasers - The teaser is the exact opposite of the pleaser. A teaser moves the betting line to help out the bettor. While the payout decreases, the chance of winning the bet drastically increases. This can often take a favorite and turn them into an underdog. This makes winning a bet more likely, but the payout is sacrificed to some of the smallest margins of profit out there.

Other Ways To Bet - Sportsbooks will often feature other types of wagers to take advantage of, such as round robins, or if-bets. The thing about NFL betting is that most every type of wager will be on the table. That is not always true for many other sports. Typically football will have the full options, with basketball right there as well.

NFL Betting Odds + Lines

Betting on the NFL brings about as many opportunities as any league or sport you will come across. Just about every type of betting line and wager type is on the table, and a sportsbook will field more odds for it than with others. Check out the types of betting odds that are formed as well as the different wagers that can be made.

NFL Game Lines - Consisting of a point spread, a moneyline (price for a straight up win w/o the spread), and an over/under total, these are the most commonly bet odds when talking about putting money on the NFL.

The point spread establishes the favorite in the game, and the underdog. The spread is a handicap system, designed to even the playing field on a matchup that is perceived by oddsmakers to be uneven. The bet is made on a team covering the spread.

NFL spreads are much different from the moneyline as the bet is made on the team to win the game. There is no spread; the only outcome that matters is the winner and the loser.

The third part to the game lines is a game total. This is a number installed for which the bet is made on the game's total exceeding that, or going below.

NFL Proposition Wagers - For the prop odds that are formed, sportsbooks will break it down into player props and team props. Making wagers on NFL props can be a lot of fun because they cover so many different topics and could involve something as wild as the length of a postgame handshake.

The most commonly proposition wager during the regular season are the ones issued for individual players. Game performances are usually what most NFL player props center upon but you can sometimes find a wacky one here and there depending on the latest events.

Team props are directly determined by the effort of the whole team but can involve just one side of the ball. Examples of team propositions that one might see during a give week would be to wager on a team to score first in a particular matchup, over/under number of first downs, team to commit first turnover and so on.

NFL Futures + Super Bowl Betting Odds - Betting on the Super Bowl is one of the most popular bets to make. These lines can be found throughout the offseason and of course during the regular season. Super Bowl odds adjust weekly during the season through the playoffs until the game line is formed for the big game.

NFL Betting Tips + Strategies

While there is no guaranteed strategy that will get a win on a bet everytime, there are certainly some things that bettors can try out and keep in mind. In that spirit, we've put together a few tips that can be used in future betting on the NFL.

1. Research Matchups + Current NFL Betting Trends

There are plenty of resources available to bettors when looking for a matchup. If they are interested in a game on the schedule, check out the information on the game, such as betting trends, and other related pieces of information that would help you decide which side of the line to go, or whether or not there is another game out there that would be less risk to take. Doing your homework and researching gives you a leg up.

2. Budget Your Bankroll - Spreading Bets

There is no need to risk it all on a bet. In fact, set a budget and stick to that budget as you wager. Spread your wagers across the board and that way you can allow for potential losses to be negated by wins. This will extend the life of your wagering, and will increase your chances at winning wagers down the line.

3. Shop Betting Lines - Get The Best Value

It's a good idea to be an account holder at multiple sportsbooks. Different betting sites could have different betting lines and payouts for the same game. Shop the betting lines and get the payout that is best for the side of the line in which you are thinking about wagering. This can only help you as the sports betting industry can be quite competitive.